ETIP #243

Are you tracking your inbound calls?

Are you tracking your inbound calls?

There’s no question there is considerable value placed on inbound sales calls: 100% contact rate, expressed interest in your business’ product and an intent to convert.

It’s important to understand how your inbound calls are being generated and from which channel. Through call tracking you can hone in on what’s working to develop strategies that not only increase phone leads but drive them into the purchase funnel as well.

  • What prompted the call? Direct Response, SEM, Organic Search, Social Media, Display or a direct visit to your website?
  • Are there specific sources predominantly responsible?
  • Can they be attributed to specific campaigns and / or messaging?

All this can also be done with dynamic call tracking which allows you to serve up new phone numbers by tactic to track prospects through the journey from initial point of contact through conversion. So if a customer found you at one touch point but didn’t call until later from another touch point, dynamic tracking would know how they initially found your business, thus giving you insight into effective versus noneffective tactics.

Call tracking creates a new level of insight in your marketing plan. Isn’t it time you optimize and capitalize on those calls? Call tracking will set you on your way!