ETIP #137

Updated Facebook Insights tool helps you tailor content for your audience

Updated Facebook Insights tool helps you tailor content for your audience

Facebook has just rolled out a completely overhauled Insights tool. Facebook admins can take advantage of the cleaner, faster and simpler metrics interface, as well as comprehensive brand analytics, to learn what is working and what can be improved.

Major upgrades include:

  • An analysis of “Best Post Types” that highlights the best performing posts based on Reach (for fans and non-fans), Post Clicks and Likes, Comments, and Shares.
  • A new graph that shows the average number of people that saw your posts by hour over a seven-day period (you can now easily gauge optimal posting times for your page).
  • A more detailed analysis of Page Likes including the sources of those likes: Page, Page Suggestions, Your Posts, Others’ Posts or Others – plus a comparison tool to show current performance versus prior.
  • Rate comparisons that show whether you are reaching a larger percentage of a particular demographic compared to their overall percentage of your fan base, and the overall universe of Facebook users.
  • Post comparison so you can see which types of posts generate the most engagement (links, status, photo or video).
  • Filtering options that giver you a deeper understanding of your reach, who they are, where they are and when they’re using Facebook.

With new features and deeper insights, you can now develop more effective strategies for your page and create all time engagement highs for your company or brand.