ETIP #20

Use landing pages to increase conversions

Use landing pages to increase conversions

When doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or paid search, it’s important that search engine results take consumers to a specific landing page, as opposed to your home page. This is especially true when using a long tail keyword strategy.

A landing page is created specifically to convert your paid search traffic into sales. Therefore, if someone is searching for “Blue Ford Mustang Atlanta,” then he or she should be taken to a landing page very specific to those keywords. In fact, including those keywords in a headline on the landing page, e.g. “You searched for Blue Ford Mustang Atlanta,” could probably help you get a bigger lift in conversions.

The landing page should provide information about the product and an opportunity to buy. To make your landing page work most effectively, you’ll want to, at minimum, have groups of keywords go to certain landing pages, which is to say, some landing pages may have to work for groups of products. But, ideally, every keyword search would lead to its own landing page.

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