ETIP #151

Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Did you know you can use Twitter to drive lead generation? Twitter has created Lead Generation Cards that gather a user’s email address, name and Twitter handle directly through the social media platform.

Growing your email list should be a key component of your marketing program. With a solid email list, you can market your brand in myriad ways, offering discounts, promoting content, and announcing new products. The ability to convert your Twitter followers into email subscribers is particularly interesting. The people who care to follow you on Twitter are surely great email prospects too.

How does this work on Twitter? A Lead Generation Card tweet is served in a user’s timeline on mobile or desktop just like any other Promoted Tweet. The tweet includes a call-to-action to see the full Lead Gen Card experience, which includes having the user’s email address already pre-filled into the product. The process of opting-in involves simply clicking the “join” button at the bottom of the tweet. Once the user opts in, the email address is automatically sent to the brand or stored in Twitter’s user interface for download later.

When deciding whom to target with a Lead Generation Card, Twitter offers a range of customization options including location, gender, interests, keywords, device, Lookalikes and more. Contact your Starmark media pro today for details about Twitter Lead Gen pricing and ideas for email promotions.