ETIP #174

Using Twitter for PR Outreach

Using Twitter for PR Outreach

Part of Public Relations Outreach (PR Outreach) is being proactive when someone talks about your brand online.

To stand out from the clutter, savvy communicators know they also need to incorporate social media into their media relations and pitching efforts.

Generally speaking, Twitter  can be a great place to pitch journalists who are often very engaged with Twitter. As somewhat public figures, journalists treat their Twitter accounts at least partially professional, so they’ll likely be happy to chat with you on Twitter about topics relating to their beats (make sure you’ve researched them well).

Journalists are actively using social media in their reporting work—and expect you to be there, too. In fact, according to a Brunswick Research report titled “ Use of Social Media among Business Journalists,” two thirds of journalists have written a story that originated in social media. More specifically, journalists named Twitter, blogs and Facebook as the top three most valuable social media sources in their reportage. So go out there and tweet, and remember to do your research beforehand.