ETIP #265

What’s old is new again

What’s old is new again

Like fashion trends, some marketing trends are cyclical. Right now, the habits and preferences of Millennials and Gen Zers are fueling the resurgence of several trends for which death knells were sounded just a handful of years ago.

If the younger generations are part of your core customer groups, here are two re-emerging trends to jump on now before they’re yesterday’s news:

Shopping brick and mortar

After inspiring alarmist hand-wringing about the decline and fall of retail, brands like Apple have shown great success, and online retailers like Amazon are getting back into the brick and mortar game. Turns out emerging generations are more about browsing shop windows instead of shopping in browser windows.

Snail mail

Younger Americans send and receive hundreds of text-based messages a day (social media, email, SMS), whereas the average American receives only a few pieces of daily physical mail. Smart, targeted, well-designed and most of all, personal physical mailings have less clutter to cut through these days.

If your business isn’t thinking outside the monitor or mobile device any longer, it’s time to discover that what’s old is new once again!