ETIP #199

Zero in your target and go for it with beacons

Zero in your target and go for it with beacons

The last time we discussed proximity-based marketing in our Geofencing, we introduced the concept of sending targeted messages to users based on their physical location. Now take it one step further; zero in on your target with even more relevant messages when their physical location triggers a signal, and you harness the power of beacons.

More sophisticated than GPS marketing, Beacons, small wireless devices about the size of a business card, know when your app is in close proximity. Unlike GPS, they provide more precise targeting, use less power, and work great indoors.

Building upon our examples of Geofencing which defined a geographical area such as a mall or theme park, beacons can be placed at many locations within the geofence for a one-two marketing punch! For example, welcome your visitors to a geofenced location and then ping them again with a compelling special offer as they approach a desired store or location. And because beacons are based on proximity and not a pre-defined geographical area, they can be placed into portable marketing tactics that allow you to take your marketing relevancy on the road in buses, taxis, etc.

While beacons require an app to interact with, they are cheap, tiny, easy to install and last a long time! Go for it!