Jun 15, 2021

The Agile Mindset: Getting Success Down To A Science

The Agile Mindset: Getting Success Down To A Science


We invite you to take a break from everyday business demands and grab three valuable takeaways that could change the way you think, problem-solve, manage projects and communicate as a business leader.

Starmark CIO, Brett Circe and Agile transformation expert Brenda Kwateng joined forces on a recent #BizHackLive broadcast, “Cultivating An Agile Mindset To Benefit Your Business”, sharing their practical, actionable roadmap to make your business more agile:

  • WHAT is Agile? What’s the benefit for business leaders?
  • TIPS from the trenches: tactics to turn your operations Agile
  • FREE resources: how you can get started with Agile

“Why be Agile? It makes life better for everyone — it’s really that simple,” said Brett. “Agile businesses think differently, adapt faster and work smarter. So many clients who first experienced Agile through us have now adapted it in their organizations.”

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Starmark’s Agile Approach serves as a national model and is featured in The Wall Street Journal.