Aug 7, 2001

Starmark to Demo Innovative Lasso Products Suite at Lasso Summit Products Showcase

Starmark to Demo Innovative Lasso Products Suite at Lasso Summit Products Showcase

Starmark International – a sponsor of the Lasso Summit, August 10-11, 2001 in Orlando, Florida. – will be featuring Web Site Publisher (WSP) for Lasso, Rotating Ads for Lasso and its newest product, Bulletin Boards for Lasso, at this year’s Lasso Summit Products Showcase.

Web Site Publisher for Lasso is a single database, with a powerful set of format pages that can build dynamic web sites quickly. It builds upon custom designs with an online administration back office that controls the entire process enabling hundreds or even thousands of web sites to be administered through a single interface. Utilizing WSP’s image uploading and “navigation locking” capabilities, designs can be completely customized and dropped into WSP for publishing. The solution also allows the administrators to add and remove sections, navigation elements, lists, and pages, all quickly and easily from one place.

Rotating Ads for Lasso facilitates the addition and update of banner ads on many Web sites with a single line of code and tracks all of this information from your Web browser.

The newest component, Bulletin Boards for Lasso, is delivered as an [include] page and provides bulletin board functionality for multiple sites and multiple pages within a site.

“Starmark’s renewed commitment to Lasso-based solutions highlights them in the growing number of developers who deliver commercial, shareware and freeware solutions in support of the burgeoning Lasso community,” said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World Communications, Inc., publishers of the Lasso product line.

Starmark, developers of Web Site Publisher, Rotating Ads and Bulletin Boards for Lasso, has been developing commercial solutions for Lasso since 1997. All solutions have powerful online administration tools and are tightly integrated with each other to comprise an entire suite of solutions for the Lasso community.