Jun 24, 2008

Starmark Launches Emergency Preparedness Planning Program

Starmark Launches Emergency Preparedness Planning Program

Starmark International recently unveiled its new Emergency Preparedness Planning Program to prepare universities, businesses, hotels and other organizations for all possible categories of emergency. While the company has managed crisis communications programs for clients since inception, this marks the official debut of their now formalized expertise.

Customized by business, industry and situations that may affect day-to-day operations, Starmark offers two distinct options for emergency preparedness planning:

  • Plan audit with refresher
  • Full plan conception and development

From violent acts to hurricanes, from slip-and-fall injuries to pandemic flu, Starmark’s Emergency Preparedness Planning Program identifies areas of strength and weakness in an existing plan and incorporates emerging technologies into a new, modernized and actionable plan.

During the emergency preparedness planning process, Starmark helps clients:

  • Analyze their current plan
  • Identify and train their emergency response team
  • Streamline fragmented plans within the organization
  • Draft emergency preparedness manuals that will serve as actionable plans in crisis
  • Script template crisis responses including messaging for the media, essential employees, staff, students and the community
  • Communicate the plan to local emergency management agencies

The Starmark emergency preparedness planning team is led by Samantha Jacobs, Director of Public Relations. Along with a team of account managers, Jacobs is certified in the Department of Homeland Security’s National Incident Management System (NIMS), a federal initiative working toward building a consistent nationwide template for emergency planning and response.