Jun 23, 2011

Increase the ROI of your Call Center

Increase the ROI of your Call Center

We have known for a long time that computer heuristics can increase the effectiveness of eCommerce sites (see: Amazon). And more recently, we have been applying those modeling techniques to Direct Response to dramatically increase its effectiveness as well.

But did you know you can use this same technology to increase the effectiveness of your call center too?

It’s true. It’s here today. And it works great.

The basic premise is that when a call comes into the call center, the caller is identified, profiled, and paired with the most compatible call center agent. This is done in an instant. And I don’t simply mean male agents handle female callers. I mean full-on customer and agent modeling that matches against 100 different demographic and psychographic data points.

Additionally, the system’s heuristics constantly update the profiles of your call center agents, meaning over time the system just keeps getting better and better.

I have seen it in action, and it’s quite impressive. In fact, during “benchmark” sessions, the system can toggle on and off every hour, and at the end of the day you can see a real-time comparison of the results with and without the profiling enabled. The results show increased revenue for sales centers, reduced call times for service centers, and increased customer satisfaction overall.

We are all unique people. Maybe it’s time to take this proven technology and apply it to your call center to gain some measurable results.

To learn more, contact bcirce@starmark.com now.