Jun 7, 2023

Here’s to a universe of possibilities to explore

Here’s to a universe of possibilities to explore

It all started in Chicago with Peggy Nordeen, Dan Estes and an idea on a cocktail napkin between them. That day, May 1, 1978, Starmark was born – and quickly became a B2B powerhouse in the Chicago agency scene.

Starmark pioneered the first computer customer databases for its clients and brought home slews of awards. That dual spirit of amazing creativity paired with business results still powers us today. 

And if you think the last 45 years have been amazing, it’s nothing compared to where we’re headed. From AR and VR to AI, we’re ready to boldly go to brand new places. That’s why we’re celebrating this milestone with hope and wonder, inspired by the incredible images coming back to us from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Explore more Starmark history

In case you missed it, we published a book to celebrate our agency’s 40th anniversary. Take a look back through the first four decades of forward thinking at Starmark.

Let’s find your next big thing

Whether it’s a major launch, a complex constellation of campaign efforts – or just a black hole of unknowns you need help navigating, Starmark’s ready to help you defy gravity. Schedule a meeting with us in VR to get started.