Memorial Hospital Miramar Encourage women to get the healthcare they need for their entire family — all in a single location.

Memorial Hospital Miramar has built an excellent reputation for expert Women’s Services and care but was mostly being visited by patients in the immediate area. The hospital partnered with Starmark to help extend its reach to women living further away in neighboring cities. Starmark introduced Memorial Hospital Miramar to these women and their families with a campaign that communicated this was the place where they could go to receive “the specialized care every woman deserves.”

The ads featured portrait-style images of real patients holding their MRI and CT scans. The team used a testimonial approach to telling the patients’ stories about the positive experiences they had at Memorial, making the ads relatable to readers. The result was a compelling campaign that showcased the high-quality services available, along with the human touch for which Memorial is known.

Starmark also developed a B2B component of the campaign that included a branded physician’s kit. Elements in the kit communicated the benefits of sending patients to Memorial Hospital Miramar and included office displays for patients to learn about Memorial as well.