Operation Lift Hope How do we educate the community about a dynamic effort to eliminate homelessness?

Operation Lift Hope is a dynamic effort within our community uniting leaders from Fort Lauderdale business, government, faith based and social agencies striving to eliminate homelessness in Fort Lauderdale for veterans by the end 2016 and families by 2020.

To broadcast its mission, Starmark was asked to redesign and expand the Operation Lift Hope website. Using Agile methodology, Starmark roadmapped the project and identified business objectives, goals and success criteria. Production was quickly underway and the result is a modern and user friendly website built to support the fundraising efforts, showcase the extent of the partners’ collaboration and generate greater public awareness.


“Starmark has done a remarkable job with the Operation Lift Hope website. Their creative staff has been amazing to work with as they designed and produced the new website in record time. Starmark leadership sets the tone that creates the “customer first” atmosphere while demanding personal excellence in all transactions regardless of the team players involved. The Starmark associates became real team players that embodied the excellence we look for in our own companies. This website is an important milestone in our efforts to bring our community partners together to eliminate homelessness.” – Andy Mitchell, President of Fairwinds Group and Chair of Operation Lift Hope.

To learn more and to get involved, visit OperationLiftHope.org.


Starmark wins a record-breaking 18 MarCom awards


Starmark wins a record-breaking 18 MarCom awards
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