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Brightline Let passengers embark on a first-class travel journey through an online 360° tour.

Starmark developed an online tour of Brightline’s express train service from a 360° perspective. This interactive tour offers our South Florida neighbors the ability to experience car-free, care-free travel on their own terms from the convenience of their mobile device or computer. Selling the experience this way was easy; when Brightline shared the 360° tour on social media, the post became one of their most popular posts of 2018.

Those who may not be used to the luxuries Brightline has to offer are given a rare glimpse inside the train’s top-notch features, from the lengthy legroom to the hand-stitched leather seats. Users can navigate down the train’s wide isles and click on amenities to read each of their detailed descriptions. They can even transform into the train’s engineer as they learn about all of the integral instruments used in the locomotive.



  • Browser-based tool optimized for handheld devices
  • Informative, interactive descriptions of prime amenities
  • Floor-to-ceiling panoramic photography view of
    • Locomotive
    • Select Coach
    • Smart Coach