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Commute Broward Roadmapping a Success Story for Commute Broward

Working together with the Broward County Transportation Management Association, Starmark created the new Commute Broward website to help more of our neighbors discover more interesting ways to get around.

The new site addresses a big gap: before this there was no single source of good information for how to get around our county. Now we’ve created one simple map of all transportation options than any resident can use — on any device.

There’s more to life than traffic

Broward County has a population of more than two million people, but unlike other major metro areas, online info sources about transit hadn’t kept pace with the options available. In other words, Google Maps and other mass-market mapping solutions didn’t include any data or route information related to alternative modes of transit in Broward County (community shuttles, micro-transit, walking, last-mile scooters and bike rental locations).

Closing that information gap was part of a county-wide Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategy to educate and encourage travelers to look at alternate transportation options. We wanted to bring our neighbors better mobility, more affordability, less congestion and reduced vehicle emissions, and, ultimately, the goal was to make every trip better while making our entire transportation system better.

Mobile UI Elements

Mobile UI Elements

Building a better commute starts with a better map

Starmark created a new site focused around a better commute, featuring a map integrating GIS data, Google’s map data and proprietary local data.

The outcome is a single, best place to plan any trip — to or from anywhere in the county.

The design was rigorously economized and simplified to create an excellent user experience on any device and ensure compliance with Google’s new user experience and site speed criteria for search rankings.

Local TDM programs like Commute Broward are a crucial strategy for meeting U.S. climate targets and align with the MPO’s vision for a more connected community.

— Gregory Stuart, TMA Board Chair and Broward MPO Director

The result is a mobile-optimized elegant site that puts the visitor’s primary need front and center, while also delivering useful information about alternative commuting strategies.

Interactive Route Map

Gregory Stuart, TMA Board Chair and Director of the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), shares that, “This expansion and program launch represent a significant milestone for us. We are dedicated to improving the daily commute experience for all. Local TDM programs like Commute Broward are a crucial strategy for meeting U.S. climate targets and align with the MPO’s vision for a more connected community.”

Expanding this effort

The site is built for growth and expansion. Our roadmap includes plans to create a custom map functionality employers can use to create ideal commuting strategies for employees, as well as incorporating additional data to make the map even more robust.

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