Blackstone ElCon

El Conquistador Resort Transport remote event planners to a tropical paradise with a 360° virtual tour

Starmark designed an online 360° experience for the El Conquistador Resort with the meeting professional, wedding planner and bride in mind. This initiative gave the resort’s relationship with these target audiences a boost. Since most planners could also select more accessible resorts, this cutting-edge 360° tool eliminated the need for them to travel all the way to the rainforest to choose a venue. An immersive virtual tour of the Puerto Rican paradise empowered El Conquistador’s sales team, differentiating them from their stateside competitors.


  • Strengthened resort’s remote team productivity
  • Faster remote sales process
  • Meetings app optimized for handheld devices
  • Property map within proximity to tropical rainforest
  • Floor-to-ceiling panoramic photography view of:
    • Main hotel
    • Dining amenities
    • Golf course
    • Water Park