NSU 1920x700 Horvitz Entrance

Nova Southeastern University Create a new website with bold design and powered by sophisticated inline optimization and tracking

Nova Southeastern University is a private university in Fort Lauderdale with campuses throughout Florida and in Puerto Rico. Under new leadership, its marketing team had aggressive new goals to drive more qualified leads and completed applications for its flagship graduate programs in the Fischler College of Education and Huizenga College of Business. The university’s legacy website is large with a lot of general content and required a fresh approach to a leaner, more specialized lead-generation tool that would achieve their acquisition goals.

Starmark developed new fully-responsive microsites with bright, modern and clean designs that stand apart from the university’s legacy site. With its main objective to drive student applications, Starmark developed a landing page design that targets personas by each college with laser-focused calls-to-action driving them to the next step without overwhelming them during the process. The Starmark team collaborated with the NSU team using Agile methodology to develop the site under an aggressive timeline to be ready for the new enrollment season. Behind the scenes, the agency integrated multiple optimization and tracking tools to optimize the pages and calculate ROI.