It takes a lot of talented people to make Starmark shine. Led by Founder and CEO Peggy Nordeen, President Jacqui Hartnett and Chief Digital Officer Brett Circe, we come from everywhere to call Starmark home. Katy Gewartowski heads up account service, Matt Wood leads our Innovation Lab, and Dale Baron spearheads our award-winning creative efforts. Andrew Russo helps us put the latest in data science to work for our clients. Karen Deryk manages all internal and outside production as our Production Director, and Mickey Espada is our Senior Consultant, Latin America and Caribbean Markets. We're even better in person than we are online, so get in touch.

Brett Circe

Chief Digital Officer

Brett strives to place Starmark’s big ideas in the larger context of the online world. With all aspects of business and branding now touching mobile, social and web, Brett ensures that client strategies and tactics integrate seamlessly in the digital realm, in real time. 20 years ago marketers were just getting the hang of translating traditional marketing materials into online assets, but Brett was already leading a team of Starmark developers to think about the accessibility, the scalability and usability of the web. That drive to explore the possibilities of digital experiences and be in front of consumers and businesses with the best that technology has to offer has resulted in a team of not only developers, but UI/UX designers, engineers, SEO strategists and more.