A Stellar Team

It takes a lot of talented people to make Starmark shine. Led by Founder and CEO Peggy Nordeen, President Jacqui Hartnett and Chief Digital Officer Brett Circe, we come from everywhere to call Starmark home.

Katy Gewartowski heads up account service, and Nathalie Dupont leads our performance marketing practice. Executive Creative Director Dale Baron spearheads our award-winning creative efforts, with creative leadership in each of our workstreams from Marlo Russom and Jacob Edenfield.

Lily Puente serves as our VP of Operations, and Karen Deryk manages all internal and outside production as our Production Director.

Brett Circe

Chief Digital Officer

With all aspects of business and branding now touching mobile, social and apps, Brett ensures that client strategies and tactics integrate seamlessly in the digital realm, in real time. He maximizes the effectiveness of big ideas to achieve client goals and objectives. He investigates online opportunities in every advertising and marketing program.

As an internet pioneer, Brett won his first e-commerce website award from Yahoo! in 1995. He has served as president of three technology companies: TKOnet, OmniPilot Software, and most recently, FanWise, a social-reward technology for which he holds two patents. He likes to talk about AR/VR/MR and the Metaverse, Mobile Commerce, Advertising, Apps and anything latest, greatest, newest, best.

Brett has a Certificate in Advanced Mobile Marketing from the University of San Francisco and holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Ringling College of Art and Design. He is a frequent speaker on topics such as social marketing and mobile commerce.