Welcome to Agile Marketing: Overview Cheat Sheet

Welcome to Agile Marketing: Overview Cheat Sheet


How Do You Distill Success Down To A Science? You Become Agile

Agile is much bigger than a single “process” or “approach”. It’s a holistic, science-based methodology that helps people problem-solve, work, manage projects and communicate more successfully. Agile has been around for many years in other industries, primarily software development. Recently other industries are beginning to leverage the benefits of Agile too, which means an all new audience is getting up to speed on this better methodology.

Starmark implemented Agile company-wide in 2015, and with that, introduced Agile to many of our clients too. We immediately saw the need to created some cheat sheets to “welcome” people to a new way of working.

Now discover the proven science behind it; why it’s so different from (and better than) traditional management styles and five core truths about how we all work that can dramatically accelerate your success. It’s all in our Welcome To Agile Marketing Overview Cheat Sheet.

But wait…there’s more!

This is just the first in a series of four sheets we ended up creating, to get a copy of the others, please contact us!

  1. Welcome to Agile Marketing: Overview

  2. Welcome to Agile Marketing: Roadmaps

  3. Welcome to Agile Marketing: Sprints

  4. Welcome to Agile Marketing: Weekly Status