ETIP #167

Facebook Brand Pages increase Visibility with Page Tagging

Facebook Brand Pages increase Visibility with Page Tagging

It seems that every day we read an article about how Facebook is reducing your ability to reach audiences via never-ending updates to its news-feed algorithm. Well, there is still hope for business pages everywhere. Recently Facebook adjusted its settings once again, but this time, it’s in our favor as marketers. When a brand page tags another brand page in their post, that post may appear in the news feeds of the tagged brand’s followers even if those followers don’t like your page.

What does this mean for you?

Potentially, you have reached a new audience that you may never have had the opportunity to speak to before. And, the real bonus is that it doesn’t cost a dime. If you recall, when you personally tagged friends in your photos, the potential existed for friends of those tagged to see that photo, even if you’re not connected to them. The sweet spot is in the volumes of fans who like brand pages. Instead of reaching a few new people in your personal posts, you may have penetrated hundreds if not thousands.

What’s the catch?

Don’t start tagging (spamming) all of the Coca Colas in the world for Big Brother Facebook will be monitoring those connections between the cross-promoted brands to see if they’re truly organic and complement each other. If not, your post will “disappear.” Also, as we all know, Facebook’s algorithm carefully selects what to show in news feeds so while not every post will appear, opportunity does exist. Of course, you’ll need to find other brands who complement yours but the time has come for us marketers to seize the day. Let the brand collaboration begin!