ETIP #170

Facebook limits Auto-Posters

Facebook limits Auto-Posters

Facebook is up to its antics once again with another algorithm update. Until recently, Facebook shared both explicit and implicit content equally meaning all updates regardless if they were initiated by users or triggered automatically within any number of apps. But times change and so must we as Facebook improves the process of distilling the News Feeds once again.

What does it mean for me or my business?

Moving forward, Facebook’s algorithm will favor explicit content, that which is designed for engagement and purposely initiated by the user via integrated apps such as Instagram or Pinterest with perhaps an added comment or additional content. Conversely, those updates triggered by a given action within an app (e.g. think game status updates) will be dramatically reduced if not eliminated in their entirety. Facebook understands that users are more likely to engage with posts initiated by friends who took the time to compose and share their content as compared to auto-shared posts. This latest round of algorithm modifications will now ensure that explicitly shared content takes precedent, and in the end, both brands and users will benefit from the less-cluttered News Feeds, now filled with richer and cleaner content that they will be more likely to engage with.

Explicit is in, implicit is out, so remember that if you’re designing or modifying your app, you’ll want to make sure that it makes sharing explicit.