ETIP #116

Hosting Your Own AMA on Reddit

Hosting Your Own AMA on Reddit

Reddit is a community-driven social news website where registered users, or “redditors,” gauge what’s “hot” and what’s not. Redditors vote up or down on each story or discussion, determining its rank and position on the site’s “hot” page.

One of the most popular sections of the site is the IAmA (read I am a) Reddit, in which users prompt others to AMA (ask me anything). This feature gained momentum from celebrity AMA hosts like Steve Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Bear Grylls and most recently, President Barack Obama.

But AMAs are not just for luminaries, anyone can host one. The most compelling discussions surround individuals who have unique experiences that pique curiosity.

So why should your brand leverage Reddit?

Reddit AMAs are a great way for your business to reach new demographics. Last month, Reddit had a total of 42,214,709 unique visitors hailing from 175 countries. The site engages not only a large audience, but a diverse one as well.

Cool Factor
The pure willingness to interact with users on a personal level, without the media or any other third party, holds a lot of weight in the social world. To volunteer to answer any question, raw and uncut, shows that your company is cutting edge.

Crisis Control
If your company recently went through a crisis, AMAs could help regain the public’s trust by delivering honest answers to their questions.

If your social media strategies are getting a little stale, Reddit is an alternative platform to consider.