ETIP #233

Jingle All The Way to Social Success

Jingle All The Way to Social Success

‘Tis the season to plan, measure and optimize social campaigns to make holiday promotions successful for your business. However, before you bake those Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday promotions, make a list and check it twice…then check it again.

While you’re optimizing for revenue or brand awareness, combine social data to fill in consumer interests and behaviors to inform analysis-friendly goals with well-mapped KPIs. It’s also important to leverage the successes (and failures) of past social campaigns to establish a baseline from which to measure your results.

Monitor the Chatter

While holiday campaigns are in full swing, be sure to “listen” to the networks to glean what people are saying about your brand, product, sales and/or campaign overall. This is made simple by leveraging custom URLs or unique hashtags to help facilitate effective as well as efficient measurement.

Rockin’ Around the Results

Look to social attribution, coupled with engagement, as a measurement of campaign success. This will inform how social messaging and targeting played a role in campaign conversions.

This season, take strategic steps to align social media with other initiatives to provide consumers an omni-channel experience ultimately driving awareness and positive brand perception:

  • Use social data to understand your customers
  • Monitor the conversation
  • Measure full attribution of social