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Getting your feet wet with LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions

Getting your feet wet with LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions

Of all the major social media platforms, LinkedIn is fast becoming the most effective online tool for business networking and B2B lead generation. Over 443 million professionals currently use LinkedIn, with 70% surveyed describing it as “a trustworthy source of professional content.

Reaching and motivating these networks of influencers has never been easier. LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions offer a sophisticated suite of advertising tools to fit every budget and business need from sponsored ads to engaging content that will surely get the conversations going.

Where to begin? We recommend adopting a strategic mix of both organic and paid campaigns to deliver relevant, targeted content to business audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey:

  • Reinforce brand awareness with an active Company Page and broadly-targeted, organic thought-leadership posts in LinkedIn Groups relevant to your industry.
  • Build interest in your products and services with more narrowly targeted Dynamic Ads and Sponsored Content.
  • Drive sales leads and conversions with highly-targeted Sponsored InMail to key decision-makers.

As with any new tools for driving engagement and ultimately sales, careful testing and monitoring is prudent, so you don’t have to plunge right in. Fortunately, LinkedIn provides a variety of tools so you can get your feet wet!