ETIP #182

Local Search: The Social Evolution

Local Search: The Social Evolution

Since our previous eTip about Local Search, we find times have changed and local-search-engine optimization (local SEO) is undergoing a social revolution!

Long gone are the days of simply placing your business address in any number of directories as well as the footer of your website in hopes of ranking in the top 10 local search results. With the rapid acceleration of local search for brick-and-mortar businesses, local search is undergoing a social evolution by integrating the social component with the accuracy and relevancy of the resulting listings. At the forefront is none other than Google, of course, whose goal is to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of those listings. Until now, local search was based on Google Places, now Google Plus, however, that wasn’t enough but when you layer in the sophistication of Yelp, second to Google in terms of quality and quantity of local-search data, you’ve got a home run with its 67 million local reviews influencing Google results.

Now, Local Search ranking is based not only on the verifiable accuracy of the listing but on customer reviews ensuring the relevance and quality of the user’s experience. With mobile usage and search volume increasing simultaneously, not to mention exponentially, we are convinced that local search is no longer a digital consideration but an integral component of any business’ marketing strategy.

Is your business found on local search?