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Mobile tags unlock a world of connections with consumers

Mobile tags unlock a world of connections with consumers

Mobile tags (also called snap tags and scan tags) are little icons with a lot of potential. When consumers “snap” the tag with the camera of their smartphone, they are instantly linked to online information such as a website, contest, video or beyond. Bearing a close resemblance to bar codes, mobile tags allow you to put a little Internet in your print advertising and a little print advertising in your Internet, two great mediums that work great together.

However, mobile tags are not just restricted to print ads. Clothing tags, posters, billboards, product labels, packaging, real estate signs – even seafood so you can “snap” to see where it was caught – are all suitable mediums.

The prevailing technologies are QR Codes and Microsoft Tags. Both require users to first download an app to their smartphone. But we hope that much like Acrobat PDFs, the technology is eventually adopted and added to all mobile operating systems universally.

There’s a profound marketing impact in the future of snap tags. Actually, it’s in progress right now, especially in Europe and Japan, but in the U.S., as well. Many brands and tourist destinations are using mobile tags to better engage and connect with consumers. It’s easy to add your company to that list of in-the-know, tech-savvy brands. In fact, go to (Starmark’s recommended provider) and you can make it happen in just a snap. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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