ETIP #147

Retargeting: Reconnecting with Customers

Retargeting: Reconnecting with Customers

Retargeting is a new, hot technology that can guarantee an effective frequency of customer contact. However, if you’re not careful, overexposure can lead to diminishing returns. Expert consultation is key prior to rollout.

You’ve noticed retargeting before: when you’ve finished a search for a car or a flight, and then start to see car ads and flight discounts on your Facebook timeline or in ads on unrelated websites.

There are many retargeting options available to marketers:

  • Website: general visitors and those visiting a particular product or service page
  • Search: users that search for your name, or any of your product/service keywords
  • Email: users on an email list, users who open emails
  • Ads: users who click on your ad
  • Social/mobile: user that has installed your app or who likes your Facebook page

The list of retargeting options is long and varied, and when executed in combination, can produce highly targeted, outstanding results.