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Stay on Target with Ad Customizers

Stay on Target with Ad Customizers

Search Engine Marketing (also known as PPC or Paid Search) is well-known as an effective way to advertise your brand, products and services to highly targeted audiences. However, many companies don’t take advantage of one of the most powerful targeting tactics of all – Ad Customizers.

Ad Customizers in Google Adwords can hyper-target your campaigns by dynamically adapting your text to match your audience’s search keywords, location, device, date and time. They can insert product names, pricing information, sales deadlines and much more from data tables set up in advance.

The potential uses are nearly limitless:

  • Sales and Promotions: Advertise promotional discounts on specific products, or boost conversion with automated countdowns (“Sale ends in 6 hours!”)
  • Large Inventory: From hotel rooms to airline seats and concert tickets,  dynamically insert product information and promotional text specific to your customers’ searches.
  • Multiple Locations: Display individual promotions and product availability based on customers’ actual or ’searched-for’ locations.

If you’re already using Paid Search to your advantage, don’t stop there — zero in on your customers and supercharge your campaigns with Ad Customizers!