Apr 4, 2012

Starmark Strategists Collaborate on 2nd eTip Book

Starmark Strategists Collaborate on 2nd eTip Book


Does Google+ stand a chance against Facebook? What’s an SMP and how do you make one? How do you handle a crisis via social media? These questions and more are answered in Starmark’s 50 More Winning eTips Every Marketer Must Know.

In this follow up edition to the first book, 50 Winning eTips Every Marketer Must Know, Starmark’s interactive experts have analyzed and tested dozens of the latest marketing technologies and summarized the most effective. Concise and user-friendly, the eTip book itself is also interactive. The tips build upon one another, refer to insights offered in the first book and provide mobile bar codes to Starmark webinars and more in-depth explanations. The second edition focuses more on technologies that are dominating the market such as mobile and SEO. There’s also more out-of-the-box thinking, public relations tips, and tips about branding on social media platforms. Starmark is offering the guide free of charge to any marketing professional interested in elevating their interactive marketing strategy.

Get the 411 on 4/11 when the eTip book launches and visit eTips.Starmark.com to complete a request form for your free copy.