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Every agency can dream big. At Starmark, we do big.

Integrated campaigns have lots of moving parts and lots of complexity. That's lots of reasons to work with an agency partner who makes complicated campaign work look easy. Our experience with tourism destinations, theme parks, education experts and technology leaders means we've created integrated marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes. Instead of Gantt charts with lots of dependencies, we plan major efforts with roadmaps that account for change along the way. This flexibility to shift priorities more fluidly gives us more time to focus on the big thinking that delivers big results. And you'll know you have a winner on your hands before you launch – because our approach relies on user testing to show us what really works with real consumers.


  • Iconic campaign

    brought epic numbers to Greater Fort Lauderdale

  • 3-part campaign

    brought millions of $$$ to Greater Fort Lauderdale

  • A virtual promo

    earned 25,000+ interactions for HMS Home Warranty



What Our Clients Say

I think that what Starmark has brought to the table for us has been a holistic approach to our entire marketing campaign. From the creative aspect and content to analyzing the data to recognizing the types of customers we should go after...

- Lonnie Maier, VP, Enterprise Sales & Marketing, Crown Castle Fiber

One of the benefits of working with Starmark is their focus on ROI and their reporting capabilities. So when we would be looking at leads driven from the digital, we could look at ROI, we could look at time; we could do anything in order to optimize our campaigns.

- Joan Sparks, Director of Marketing, Tyco Retail Solutions

We ended up raising $60 million. It was 50% more than we ever imagined. Starmark stuck with us the whole time and were instrumental in helping us get there.

- Lisa Kitei, Executive Director, Foundation, Broward Center for the Performing Arts

The programs that we worked on with Starmark were highly successful. We had excellent ROI from every program that we did with them.

- Michelle Goebel, PSR Manager, Program and Field Marketing, Citrix

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