Jun 19, 2018

Sync My Lights App Earns Global Webby Honoree

Sync My Lights App Earns Global Webby Honoree

Innovation Lab

Starmark proudly announces Honoree recognition for its Sync My Lights app: deemed “outstanding” by judges in the 22nd International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences Webby Awards.

With more than 13,000 entries from all 50 states and 70 countries, this year’s Webby competition has been the fiercest to date. Sync My Lights ranked in the top 18% of all worldwide entries in the category of  “Connected Products & Wearables”, as judged by Academy members.

This isn’t the first high-profile accolade the innovative home lighting app has earned. Developed in-house by Starmark’s own Innovation Lab team, the app also won the APPY award in May, 2017 and “App of the Month” by lighting giant, Philips Hue.

Sync My Lights replaces sophisticated commercial synchronized lighting systems with an easy-to-use app for home use. It features lighting enhancements timed to draw out big on-screen action, pivotal sound effects and emotional cues and make the entire experience more immersive for movie fans.

Experience love, rage, fear or the feeling of being in the room with your favorite characters in an entirely new way with Sync My Lights!

Download Sync My Lights in the app store.