Start your own Like page on Facebook

Start your own Like page on Facebook


Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends and family. There’s always a fun new app to eat up 10 minutes of your time. And it’s easy to pledge your allegiance to a person, place or thing by joining a Group or branded “Like” page, such as The New York Times page with more than 612,000 likes; the Luxist luxury lifestyle blog with over 3,700 likes; and the Ford Mustang, with more than 497,000 likes.

Having your own branded page on Facebook is another way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. Just like you should build your email database and mobile phone number database, you need to build a base of your brand advocates on Facebook.

When you post a new message to your page, all the people who “like” you will get that message update. However, a Facebook page is more powerful than an email or mobile phone list. It is also an ongoing conversation among your brand advocates. (They won’t “like” you if they are not your advocate.) It allows them to communicate with one another about your brand. You can still “steer” the conversation in the way you want it to go, but having consumers dialogue openly about your brand has huge rewards.

Facebook is referral central when it comes to fan postings. And don’t worry if you get a few negative comments; your loyal fans will speak up for a brand they love, your brand. And when consumers research your product, they will appreciate a fair and uncut conversation.

By the way, Pages and Groups are also a two-way street, so join a few Groups or Like a few pages related to marketing, hospitality, retail or another industry. Yes, business can meet pleasure, even on Facebook.

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