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Nine surprising ways an AI chatbot for your site can save time and boost sales

Nine surprising ways an AI chatbot for your site can save time and boost sales

Adding an AI chatbot to your website isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. In fact, there are many purposes a bot can fulfill to enhance the visitor experience, streamline operations and add functionality. As you consider adding a bot to your site, here are some of our top recommendations to get you started.

Answering FAQs

No surprise, adding the ability to give instant replies to common questions is one of the most popular and most time-saving functions for an AI-enabled assistant on your site. It decentralized the FAQ function of your site, so there’s no need to click to a certain page and scroll to a certain function to find an answer. The user can simply ask the bot a question, no matter where she’s browsing on your site.

Pro tip: you can also use the questions people ask to continually train the learning model to update and expand its knowledge base with new frequently asked questions. These frequently asked questions can also become an engine for new content ideas.

Customer Service

Offering real-time assistance to site visitors can help resolve common problems, direct them to the appropriate resources, or even help more quickly connect to human support. This ability to rapidly resolve issues can save massive amounts of time from customer service staff who would normally need to help a customer or visitor.

Informational Guide

Do you have information about your tourism destination you want people to know? An AI chatbot can provide information about attractions, activities or upcoming events. The AI assistant can serve as an expert to help your visitors plan a trip, including recommendations on where to eat, shop and explore.

Hint: the same principle holds true for producers of products or services and for colleges. Imagine having the expertise of one of your product design experts, sales people or academic advisors on hand for every visitor. That’s what’s possible.

Sales Assistance

Keeping with the example of a tourism destination, An AI chatbot can also help visitors find and book accommodations based on their preferences, budget and any number of other criteria. This functionality also works great for product comparisons or finding the right service to meet a site visitor’s needs.

Event and Activity Reservations

It’s not just sales. Booking events, tours and activities can all be managed via a chatbot, too. If you’re a service provider, appointment bookings are also a great application.

Personalized Recommendations

An AI chatbot can create customized travel itineraries based on user interests, date of arrival, duration of stay and other information. This can include suggesting restaurants and cafes that match the user’s taste, budget or dietary restrictions. Same goes for appealing activities and events that may be going on during their visit.

Feedback Collection

Versus standard site session feedback collection, an AI bot can collect and parse more granular feedback on a wide variety of interactions. This can even extend beyond the site. Your AI chatbot can collect feedback about IRL experiences in your destination or with your service that you can use to improve your offerings.

Stay Current

Recent news, blog posts and the latest updates can all be communicated by an AI chatbot. This could also include timely information, such as a weather update or emergency situation, that is relevant to visitors.

Language Translation

Offering real-time translation services to cater to international visitors, making the website more accessible. Using an AI bot for this functionality, versus the Google Translate button, can be a more dynamic and intuitive way to meet the needs of your overseas site users.

If you’re considering adding an AI chatbot to your site, just be aware that results will only be as good as the material you use to train the AI model. Detailed and thorough training is critical to the success of your program.

With a properly trained model, you can create a successful bot to handle any of the features above (or all of them!) in a way that aligns with the specific objectives of your site and with your overall business direction. It’s a great application for an emerging technology to help save time and money while creating a better experience for your visitors.