award winning FanWise GFL

LabWork What if vending machines ran on social media shares instead of currency?

Study after study show users’ buying behaviors are influenced by their friends on social media. FanWise — invented in the Starmark Innovation Lab — fuels that influence and offers high rates of ROI, generates social buzz, builds likes and followers, and most importantly lets brands “control” what’s said about them on social media.

Implied endorsements serve as positive testimonials/referrals from consumers and drive brand awareness organically. Since consumers are rewarded for the implied endorsement, they will associate the brand with a positive experience, thus creating an affinity towards the brand, leading to brand loyalty and increased sales.

FanWise enables a brand to craft their ideal social media status update that they would like to see users post to Facebook or Twitter. Those messages are then loaded to the FanWise network. Users who post that exact message to their Facebook or Twitter are rewarded with tangible, location-based rewards which are dispensed out of the likes of soda machines, snack machines, arcade games and other automated vending machines. We call this sponsored social, and it’s now available to everyone on a pay-for-performance basis.

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