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Stiles A world-class hub deserves a world-class brand

At 201 East Las Olas, a dual-tower business and residential project will become the new downtown hub of Fort Lauderdale. Spanning a full city block in the most prestigious neighborhood, it will include Class A commercial and residential space, onsite green market, boutique shopping and dining.

Part Main Street, Part Main Event

This new property will be unlike anything the city has seen before. Bright, green-friendly spaces will inspire employees, millennial residents and students to collaborate and socialize together in new ways.

Starmark Northstar Branding Process

To position it memorably against other regional and national buildings, the property would need a strong identity. Using Starmark’s Northstar Branding process, the team built its positioning platform, “Intelligent Connection”, as well as a distinct brand personality and character.

The Next Step: a New Signature Name

The name had to reflect the “Intelligent Connection” platform, as well as key property elements, including forward-thinking design, centralized location, community and social connectivity and elevated living.

Hundreds of potential names were generated, then whittled down to a short list and vetted. Preference tests were conducted with target demographic audiences. The top performers were then tested against each other in one final battle round.

Starmark Brand Logo

Our winning brandmark: The Main Las Olas

The logo for The Main Las Olas best captures the property’s key value proposition. It puts a flag in the ground: taking ownership of the neighborhood. We will be downtown’s beacon: drawing bright minds, trendsetters, disruptors, innovators and influencers to live, work and play. Where business gets done. Playtime goes into overtime. And life downtown happens.

Starmark Moodboard

The two pillars comprising the “M” symbolize its dual mission—a visual representation of two buildings, one commercial and the other residential, connected by a central event space and common area. The design also emphasizes its forward thinking structural points, from low-reflectivity glass to higher-than-usual office ceilings. The two concepts below were developed to illustrate a sense of place to help the client visualize the residential and commercial lobbies.

The Main Rendering 1

The Main Rendering 2

Today, The Main is a thriving destination at the heart of downtown. The name is now displayed prominently throughout the property, and design cues from the logo are now part of the design aesthetic wherever you look. It’s a new local landmark that’s living up to its brand promise.