ETIP #238

5 steps to put your Social Media strategy to work

5 steps to put your Social Media strategy to work
As we know, social media continues to evolve, making it increasingly difficult to predict what the next hottest platform is going to be. In our last social media eTip, we outlined the top trends for 2017; now it’s time practice what we preach and execute on those strategies. Below are five steps to help you keep your followers engaged and to reach new audiences as well.
  1. Find New Networks: In order to expand your influence in the market place and generate new followers, it is key to explore other niche networks in addition to maintaining the status quo. Rule of thumb: less is more. Don’t try to be everywhere at once, instead test out one or two.
  2. Exploit Current Trends: Tap into relevant newsworthy topics and trends that you can leverage to reach new audiences that may have never heard of you before.
  3. Remember Quality over Quantity. Expect video and live stream to dominate the networks this year with 76% of B2Bs already doing it successfully. Are you among the majority? If not, find clever ways to engage is this visual forum if you want to stay relevant.
  4. Engage in REAL-time: Nearly 75% of Twitter users utilize the platform to encourage responses, shares and to glean insights through real-time engagement (usually within the hour). As more and more people rely on social media for latest news and updates versus other online resources, it’s important for brands to invest in a cross-functional social media team that can keep up with those conversations.
  5. Drive Decisions Through Analytics: Social media analytics has gotten more powerful, comprehensive and easier to use than ever before. Take advantage of the many tools available to help you improve your reach and measure your audience, even if that means setting a budget aside for the promotional posts. Understanding statistics is vital to ensuring your success!