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Microdata and the future of search

Microdata and the future of search

In March 2013, Facebook announced the launch of its Facebook Graph Search, a direct search engine challenge to Google. Facebook’s approach to search was not to rank websites based on keywords, but rather to use its own data trove to return meaningful results based on relationship entities. For a context-related search, Google would be unable to compete.

Google’s response has been to place a greater emphasis on schemas, or microdata, a process of reading tagging data and information at a microlevel. Schemas can apply to everything on a webpage — images, location, people — and help provide much greater detail than traditional metadata.

This reliance on microdata is new to the world of search, and could become a critical component of good SEO. Microdata is coded as HTML, and can be incorporated into your website by expert designers. The rivalry between Google and Facebook is remaking the world of search, and digital specialists can make sure your web presence takes advantage of both platforms’ latest features.

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