ETIP #145

Mirroring your customers on Facebook

Mirroring your customers on Facebook

Mirror, Mirror is a favorite Star Trek episode. In that episode the “mirror” copy of Kirk and team are exact opposites of the characters we have come to love. But what if Starfleet could have many Captain Kirks — or — many captains just like him?

That’s what the Facebook Lookalike Audiences aims to do.

Your existing customers are, of course, your best customers. While you have a lot of data about your customers, you don’t compared to Facebook. Facebook has tons of data about everyone, including your customers. And the power of Facebook allows you to match up your customer list with their thousands of data points to create a very detailed picture of your ideal customer. This profile can then be used to create a “look alike” audience — people who “look” just like your ideal customer, but are not yet on your customer list.

What if you could do really targeted marketing to these people? Your Facebook ad buying strategy could have phaser-like focus.