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New Ways To Share – Facebook Rolls Out with 3D post

New Ways To Share – Facebook Rolls Out with 3D post

Your Facebook Newsfeed is about to pop off the screen – literally. The social media giant released the support for the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format for Facebook 3D posts, making it easier for artist to share interactive 3D models.

3D posts brings content to life by allowing users engage and interact with a digital object with instant response to scroll and touch.

In addition to the rollout of rich 3D content, Facebook is also introducing new Graph API end posts with 3D Post support making it easier for developers to seamlessly share directly to Facebook.

As marketers are given new ways to share content, consumers have new ways to engage. Brands are already experimenting with this feature to share hidden message, view products and interact with characters.

A/R and VR developments continue to emerge and reshape how we play, work, and consume content. Now, 3D posts gives marketers futuristic ways to capture their audience. How will you incorporate this in your marketing plan?