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Tools of Engagement – Facebook LIVE

Tools of Engagement – Facebook LIVE

Why are marketers so excited about Facebook LIVE? It’s no secret that people everywhere love to watch video. Now, imagine watching a video and having your broadcaster speak directly to YOU and address YOUR questions or comments. With mobile device in hand, businesses wield the powerful impact of live streaming video, the ability to engage in real-time with friends and followers; all the while building relationships and reinforcing their brand!

Facebook Live, a powerful new digital tool that allows you to stream live video directly to your friends and followers, has joined the ranks of Instagram, Twitter and Periscope among others; it seems everyone is getting into the LIVE game now! However Facebook has a few bells and whistles that allow brands to market strategically. Setup is easy and Facebook guides you each step of the way including targeting your broadcast.

With your marketing plan in place, it’s time to spread the news. Leverage your fanbase and send out announcements BEFORE the big event and don’t forget compelling headlines to ignite the interest. Encourage followers subscribe to updates ask them to help you spread the word.

Go LIVE and engage. Be sure to thank all who comment in your feed and be responsive! If fans can’t join you during the live broadcast, the entire video is saved and posted to your timeline for friends and followers to view later on. Typical broadcast lengths range from 10 to 90 minutes SEEMS TOO LONG, the longer the better. And Facebook modified News Feeds so that Live broadcasts appear at the top of the feed to provide greater exposure and improve your chances for success.

Speaking of success, Facebook LIVE provides real-time updates and not only provides all of the stats you receive with pre-recorded videos, it adds peak viewing times, number of people reached, shares, comments, the works!

Facebook LIVE is available to all personal and business page Facebook profiles on iOS, Android and Facebook mentions.