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Virtual Reality Coming Soon for Marketers

Virtual Reality Coming Soon for Marketers

For decades, we’ve been drawn to the allure of virtual reality (VR) through movies and gaming but will it ever become something a marketer can take advantage of?

As time goes on, VR headsets are becoming smaller and more light weight and with that, applications are evolving from the standard gaming platforms to practical business and marketing applications. In the near future, you may launch Skype on your VR headset (instead of your laptop) to attend a virtual meeting.

Fitness and health applications are already popping up to help you exercise on that home equipment while connecting you to a variety of virtual locations to make it more engaging and provide that extra level of encouragement we all need.

How will VR affect our TV viewing? As a marketer of the future, you may be developing VR TV commercials for playback on headsets because consumers just may dump their TV (no matter how large) in favor of a completely immersive environment.

For those marketers in the travel & tourism industry, imagine immersing your future guests into any number of destinations you are promoting in feeder markets. Here’s what Marriott did!

Retailers will be able to allow consumers to see and interact with their purchases under consideration, all from the comfort of their home. This also applies to art, decor, appliances, etc.—the sky is the limit!

With the Oculus Rift VR headset coming within the next year, maybe its time to get ahead of the curve and start thinking VR.