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Work Better and Faster with Facebook Business Manager

Work Better and Faster with Facebook Business Manager

Whether you work in an agency or internally for a large organization you can agree managing multiple Facebook accounts can sometimes be cumbersome. Marketers are always searching for the latest and greatest tool to make their day-to-day tasks efficient. With advertisers needs in mind, Facebook unveiled a tool that would do just that.

In 2014 Facebook launched Business Manager, a single interface dashboard that gives marketers and advertisers the ability to manage multiple accounts, pages, apps, ads, payment methods and permission access all on one platform.

Long gone are the days of adding coworkers or business partners as “friends” (or creating fake profiles) for the sole purpose of granting access to accounts. One of the biggest advantages for using Business Manager is the ability to give access to shared accounts without being friends with someone. The tool gives you added control over who can access your business information by assigning roles and revoking access is as simple as a click of a button.

Business Manager keeps your workspace separate from your personal account so videos of dancing dogs and baby pictures that might flood your newsfeed doesn’t distract you. Embracing Business Manager into your organization will reduce noise and increase productivity. If you manage multiple pages, you don’t have to jump back and forth to see accounts you’re working on because Business Manager keeps everything in one centralized location.

As a whole, if you’re looking for a tool to improve your workflow efficiently, then Business Manager is the way to go!