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For more than 20 years, Starmark has been at the forefront of the travel and hospitality industries. We created Hello Sunny, one of the most recognized destination brands in the world, for Greater Fort Lauderdale. We also create sites and experiences for beloved brands, like Nickelodeon, Margaritaville Island Reserve, Azul Beach Resorts and Karisma Hotels & Resorts.

We know travelers, and hospitality is part of who we are. As the travel industry rebounds from a global pandemic, we're helping destinations rise to the occasion with campaigns that are bringing travelers back in better ways than ever. Bring us your business challenges, and we'll turn them into a transformational creative approach for your brand.


  • Iconic campaign

    brought epic numbers to Greater Fort Lauderdale

  • 3-part campaign

    brought millions of $$$ to Greater Fort Lauderdale

  • An AR App

    led to Seaworld Orlando’s biggest opening ever



What Our Clients Say

The partnership with Starmark has been ongoing for over a decade. Hello Sunny has become a way of life and redefined our brand.

- Carlos Molinet, SVP, Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB

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