Sep 15, 2015

Is Twitter’s Periscope the new press conference?

Is Twitter’s Periscope the new press conference?
BY Peggy Nordeen

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Reprinted from South Florida Business Journal.

Live-streaming video connected to broadcaster Twitter accounts using the Twitter-owned app Periscope offers real-time news power. Americans love “reality,” whether it is a TV show, live interview or what is becoming live news as it is happening. And now, live-streaming video is in the hands of the masses, but its power can also be used by business.

The visualization of messaging is reaching new heights, and it is incumbent on marketers to harness its power for good. Today’s market leaders can set the example.

To be successful, it is important to be prepared. Marketers have always recommended media training before executives get in front of news cameras. Today, the “new media training” needs to include Twitter and Periscope use, not only for on-camera executives, but for marketing staff and executive handlers.

Among the newer needs of this training are important lessons from iconic Twitter users who have stumbled.

First, do not tweet in a moment of negative passion or strong sense or conviction. Most people aren’t thinking clearly in those moments, and even though they feel eloquent, it frequently comes out just the opposite. So, corporate leaders should wait to hit the send button until envisioning the consequences or collaborating with colleagues. “Stop, wait, collaborate” before sending is a good policy. The same goes for a passionate retweet.

Deleting a questionable tweet becomes a sure-fire way to make big news, and can destroy careers. There are many categories of questionable tweets, but political or racial tweeting, no matter how innocent and well-meaning it may seem, is almost sure to put leaders under the microscope of criticism, either by followers or the press.

If an executive hits send before collaboration and the results are not good, apologize quickly, take personal responsibility and show remorse. It’s human to make a mistake; it is not weak to apologize.

For marketers of commercial products and services who are staging a press conference, live-streaming video has a similar requirement. You need to be careful not to photograph intellectual property or other organizational messaging in the background, which could be protected or inaccurately connected to your company.

Even though seemingly spontaneous and certainly real, live streaming for corporate use takes planning. The benefits, however, are also real, especially at special events, where you can deliver exclusive content to followers.

While you are broadcasting, you can see followers’ comments and/or questions, and you can respond with real voices. After the broadcast, Twitter can automatically tweet the stream to your followers. At the end of the campaign, Periscope can provide a recap showing how many live viewers and how many followers gave you a “heart,” showing their positive engagement.

The power of Twitter is augmented with Periscope, and now may be the time to consider Twitter with Periscope for real-time news power for your company.