ETIP #201

Better social conversion tracking is coming

Better social conversion tracking is coming

So much has been said about the power of social networks but not nearly enough has been said about the power of social conversions.

Social conversion is the direct result of social-media efforts to drive Internet traffic into the purchase funnel and convert them. More often than not, these efforts occur on Facebook because they are currently the ones to offer the most robust analytics through their Insights tool.

For ecommerce and lead-generation sites, social media provides a growing opportunity to improve the rate of conversion for their efforts while gaining new conversion channels. Today, social media ROI is the white unicorn of the metrics world…many claim to have seen it, but no one has tangible proof. Reporting methods are often inconsistent and attribution models differ by analytics providers.

However, Google’s Universal Analytics is the only tool that offers this level of visibility at the moment. Universal Analytics is the new operating standard for Google Analytics. All accounts will soon be required to use Universal Analytics so be sure to stay on the look out for these new enhancements. You may want to reach out to your analytics provider to determine if conversion is possible for your account.