Aug 15, 1999

Starmark International Donates Services To A Good Cause

Starmark International Donates Services To A Good Cause


Fort Lauderdale, FL – Starmark International recently donated its marketing services to the South Florida, non-profit organization, A Child Is Missing (ACIM), designing and producing an informational brochure about ACIM services.

ACIM works directly with law enforcement agencies in Dade, Broward and South Palm Beach counties to find missing children by quickly notifying and enlisting the help of the surrounding community.

Sherry Friedlander, founder of ACIM, said, “In the first critical hours, our computers canvas a neighborhood with hundreds of phone calls and a recorded message to help find a missing child. Our goal is to help keep children safe. We intend to go statewide, and eventually nationwide.”

In a matter of minutes, ACIM is able to match hundreds of telephone numbers with addresses close to a missing child’s last known location using a proprietary system that includes a database of telephone numbers with GPS (global positioning satellite) system fields. ACIM sends a recorded message at a rate of almost 600 calls per hour to those numbers, informing people of the situation and asking them to look around outside and contact their local police department if they have any information.

Peggy Nordeen, President of Starmark, explained why she felt compelled to work with this organization. “We sponsor this program and donate our services because we want to take part in the prevention of child victimization. Thousands of children every year could be spared because of this system and that is a worthwhile endeavor.”

Starmark International is a full-service marketing firm located in Ft. Lauderdale with capabilities including advertising, public relations, corporate communications, internet services and sales support.