Jan 16, 2009

Starmark’s Pledge to be Green in 2009

Starmark’s Pledge to be Green in 2009


For 2009 Starmark has launched several Green initiatives.

For one, we have eliminated plastic water bottles. Last year we purchased and disposed of (some garbage, some recycling) 13,440 plastic water bottles. By eliminating them in 2009, we will save .75 tons of CO2 emissions.

We also started a voluntary program for all Starmarkers and their families called the Green Pledge. It’s a three-step process to pledge, and you can participate too!

Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint
Decide if the pledge will be for you or your whole family, then use the calculator to determine your carbon footprint.

Step 2: Pledge to Reduce it
There are hundreds of items to choose from, do as little or as much as you are comfortable doing.

Step 3: Submit your Pledge
Let us know if it’s for you or your whole family, what your footprint is, and what the total savings are.

You too can participate, just submit your results here and we’ll keep up the tally.

So far to date, Starmarkers have pledged to save 11.2 Tons of CO2 for 2009.