Three key ways to assure winning plays in the Social Super Bowl

Jan 28 , 2013

Reprinted from South Florida Business Journal

If your organization is like many, you probably prepared and approved your marketing and media program for 2013 a couple of months ago. Retailers review the program at least monthly, but for other types of organizations, the program often goes on autopilot with a quarterly review, even if you get a weekly spreadsheet with results.

For businesses in the professional and service industries, quarterly used to be enough. We all know that isn’t so today, but how do busy senior managers make time to monitor their tactical communications performance, particularly with the advent of social media?

Mobile access

First things first: It should be easy for you, as well as your customers, to see updates on your website, social channels and your news posts by making sure that your online assets have mobile versions or apps. Most managers used to carry laptops around and set them up before every meeting. Now they just carry their iPads/tablets or smartphones, so they need easy, mobile access.

Ideally, every consumer-facing website should also have a mobile version. Mobile technology and knowledge among developers has improved exponentially in the last few years. Top corporations also have come to understand the importance of mobile websites. If a corporation does not have a mobile website, it is in danger of being perceived by customers as unsophisticated or technologically challenged. If producing a mobile website is not in your budget, it is important that your corporate website is produced on an HTML5 platform, rather than an Adobe Flash platform. This will allow consumers to find you on mobile devices.

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