ETIP #287

Capture more attention with augmented reality social posts

Capture more attention with augmented reality social posts

Using augmented reality (AR) in social media is a great way to get social audiences to spend more time with your brand. Facebook and Instagram have AR built into their platforms, and we want to make sure your campaigns are making the most of it.

Stand out

Starmark has been writing eTips for more than 10 years for a loyal following. Previously, we’ve shared information about USDZ and posts containing 3D objects. Part of our current LAB experiment is to explore ways to use AR to create more social engagement. For more on getting started in AR, check out our guide to getting it done and getting promoted.

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Create longer interactions with social fans

Most social feed content doesn’t even merit a slow down while scrolling. Video with motion does a better job of grabbing attention. But pairing a video teaser with a fun, interactive AR experience really performs. Consider the fact that as you’re reading this, you’ve spent more than 20x longer with this post than users spend on average with a social post.

We’ve got a whole lot more to share

As AR content moves into the mainstream, we’re committed to keeping our clients and friends ahead of the curve. If you’re looking for tips, check out our short articles on how to start small in AR, VR and 360 video and the difference between AR, MR and Spatial Computing?. Or check out our comprehensive guide on how to sell that first AR project and get promoted.